About Us

About Us

In 1995, Carol Dalton, a middle-school teacher, wanted to improve her riding skills by riding bareback.  But she was soon frustrated with bareback pads on the market that would slip and turn, so she designed one herself. 

Dalton quickly sensed a market need and asked her longtime friend, Carol Vandre, to join her in running the business. Vandre was in the process of being downsized from the telephone company after 18 years and the timing was perfect.  The company that later became Best Friend Equine Supply was born.

The following spring Dalton's Morgan horse, Blaze, started dangerously gaining weight from the rich Kentucky grass.  Fearing laminitis and founder, Dalton worked with a well-known farrier, Jeanene Tessari, and developed a lightweight, synthetic grazing muzzle that would significantly cut back on the amount of grass Blaze could get, while still allowing him to graze.  Even though he was on a diet, Blaze was happy because he was no longer confined to his stall for most of the day.  

The muzzle quickly developed a loyal following, thanks to the many customers who stuck with the product during the development phase and provided valuable feedback. Today the Best Friend Grazing Muzzle is one of the most successful horse products on the market.  

The Best Friend muzzle is recommended by equine health professionals and publications such as John Lyon's Perfect Horse and the Horse Journal.  Hundreds of customers over the years have reported that the muzzle has tremendously improved the quality of their horses' lives while making it easier for them to manage their horses. Since 2001 the company has been working in partnership with their manufacturer, Intrepid International (New Holland PA), on the development and improvement of these and other products.  Today Carol Dalton continues teaching and running her horse farm just outside of Lexington, Kentucky.  Carol Vandre and her husband, Douglas, ran the company from Fairfield Glade, TN. Later the company was purchased by Intrepid International who continues to upgrade the Best Friend muzzles as well as the Best Friend Bareback pads.

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